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Travel Responsibly



Travel Responsibly.  Simple Tips


Say ‘Namaste’! This is the most common word of greeting in Nepal. This is done by putting the palms together. Sometimes people especially women may hesitate to shake hands when they greet each other.  Simply saying Namaste by joining two palms is the best way in this case.


Always eat with right hand. Do not offer anyone food you have taken a bit out of or do not eat off someone else’s plate. Always use right hand to pass food containers.


Do not touch or point at anyone with your feet. This would be considered disrespectful and offensive.


Dress appropriately. Men should not walk bare chested. Women should avoid wearing shorts/ short skirts, revealing clothes or beachwear in public places.


Public display of affection between male and female is not acceptable in Nepalese society. Try to avoid Kissing, cuddling, hugging in public areas in public places.


Take your shoes off while visiting most of the Hindu and Buddhist temples in Nepal.


Always seek permission before taking photographs.  Taking photograph is not allowed in some of the historical and religious places.


Entry of foreigners is restricted in some of the Hindu temples. Respect it. Do not take leather items inside temple premises. Always walk close-wise while encircling Buddhist Monasteries.


Discourage begging. Cheap charity breeds begging. Always support only genuine charity organization and schools.


Be wary of touts who offer you cheap bargain. Always seek help of registered travel organizer.


Keep eye on your valuable things at all times. Use hotel safety box for valuable items. Do leave your credit cards, travel documents without your presence.


For your safety and security, it is always recommended to travel with government registered guide. Do not walk alone.


Tipping is expected in Nepal. Be aware of tipping tradition to guide, porter and/or driver.


Take only photographs, leave only footprints. Respect local culture. Encourage environmental friendly travel. Do not tease or disturb wildlife.


‘Come as a tourist, go as a friend’